Management of Change (MOC)

HSE Management Platform includes a module dedicated to the management of change in terms of change description, identification of requirements, boundaries, consequences, actions to be performed, budgeting, reporting and control.

Design and functionalities adapted to the specifications of each company..
The modular design of this web tool allows the addition of functional elements in accordance to the company specification. The tool is supported by a data base with integrated and related information, with reference to all modules.

Management of Change (MOC)

This module integrates all the necessary steps for the Management of Change (MOC) of existing installations as well as new installations.

Through a flow diagram the system will conduct you to the right protocol and will guide you in a sequential way to the different steps. Each step has to be fulfilled properly before moving to the next one.

The system takes into consideration the legal requirements as well as the group guidelines and recommendations focusing on safety and environment only.

In case of new installations, the sequential steps where safety and environment have to be considered are the following:

  • Step 0: Viability study
  • Step 1: Basic engineering
  • Step 2: Detailed engineering
  • Step 3: Constructive /Installation phase
  • Step 4: Start-up